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The Practical Prof® writes, speaks, trains… business!  The alter-ego of Dr. Santo D. Marabella, The Practical Prof emerged from his monthly business column in the Reading Eagle’s Business Weekly in April 2012.  Marabella, a real college prof, knows all too well the value of having a mentor and coach to guide your professional life.  He wants to share that with employees, volunteers and leaders in business and not-for-profit organizations everywhere.

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Published by the Reading Eagle Company since 2012, Office Hours is a monthly feature in the Eagle’s business tabloid every third Tuesday of the month.  You can read past editions of the column at the Office Hours Archives.

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The Prof's Lesson for Today: I have hope.

First, I hope the President-Elect's behavior in the campaign - a despicable, fear-driven, embarrassing, no holds barred approach - will, now that he has won, be characterized by respect, integrity, diplomacy and collaboration. His acceptance speak showed a glimmer of the potential for this to be true.

Second, I hope that the hugely flawed personality of the 45th president which I know will not change, will be tempered by a strong-willed, purely motivated, politically savvy team of advisors and co-leaders, whose counsel he will hear and accept.

Third, I hope that if my first two hopes are un-fulfilled, that the exceptional tripartite system of checks and balances that has sustained has for over 240 years will carry us through and make us stronger than we already are.

Fourth, I hope that the President-Elect is as successful as president as he was as a candidate. I hope he means what he says and does what he promises as it relates specifically to dismantling the self-interested political core of Congress and re-directing their focus back to their original mandate - to serve the best interests of the country and ALL of its people.

Finally, and most importantly, I will not live in fear - I will be hopeful. And, I hope that will be possible for EVERYONE.

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Opening Night, Friday, November 4th... ...

Weekend - November 3, 2016 - Reading Eagle: Ben Hasty, Photographer | From left, playwright Santo D. Marabella, Reading Theater Project Managing Director Christopher David Roche and actor Joel Lesher discuss Marabella's play

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