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The Practical Prof® writes, speaks, trains… business!  The alter-ego of Dr. Santo D. Marabella, The Practical Prof emerged from his monthly business column in the Reading Eagle’s Business Weekly in April 2012.  Marabella, a real college prof, knows all too well the value of having a mentor and coach to guide your professional life.  He wants to share that with employees, volunteers and leaders in business and not-for-profit organizations everywhere.

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Published by the Reading Eagle Company since 2012, Office Hours is a monthly feature in the Eagle’s business tabloid every third Tuesday of the month.  You can read past editions of the column at the Office Hours Archives.

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One of the rationales being offered for why Alabamans might vote for Roy Moore is that while he doesn't represent their morals, he represents their interests. I find this uncoupling of moral and political leadership unacceptable but it is not new, nor is it proprietary to any political party. There is plenty of "credit" to share (e.g. Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, to name just two) for this degradation of real leadership.

I believe our acceptance of this "leadership light" is responsible for the steady erosion of principled (think Stephen Covey) leadership which has the capacity to create change and sustain values.

Perhaps we need to recommit ourselves to principled leadership and reserve our votes only for those individuals who consistently represent both our moral and political interests.

For The Record: I find Roy Moore to be an unacceptable candidate for the US Senate because in addition to the allegations of sexual assault of minors, he has a documented history of racist, homophobic and misogynistic behavior.

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Straight allies can make the workplace a safe and comfortable place to be who you are! Do you? #ComingOutDay #LGBTQIA