How to eliminate “It’s Not My Job” in the Workplace

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How to Eliminate “It’s Not My Job” in the Workplace!
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The Outcome:

Helping Employees be 100% Responsible

The Description:

What does it mean to be 100% responsible?   It means there’s no room for blame, being a victim or not using your personal power.  This is where it all begins.  This is where success starts.  This is what you’ll learn!

The Syllabus:

In this free audio lesson, you will learn …

  • The Danger of “Not My Job”
  • Understanding the three types of Responsibility Resisters
  • Managing Attitude, Expectations and Limits

    And by the end of the lesson, you’ll get…

The Deliverables:

  • The Most Important Reason to eliminate “Not My Job”
  • 3 Ways to break-down responsibility resisters who are thwarting productivity
  • 3 Ways to build up responsibility embracers who are leading the team in performance
          … and much more!

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