Heart and Spirit – the New Management Paradigm

Created and led by Dr. Santo D. Marabella, The Practical Prof®

Most professional consultants and speakers want to take clients forward to the next level. Not The Practical Prof®! The Practical Prof® wants to take you back — back to the basics of business success — where values-based principles guide management practice and decisions. The Practical Prof® is a teacher grounded in this philosophy:

Manage with a Heart in Ways that Feed the Spirit

Not business-y enough for you? Well, business as usual is not working. While economic recessions and business hardships have decimated our wallets, they have also devastated our spirits.

70 Percent HateEmployee disengagement — dissatisfaction, anger, boredom – costs the U.S. an estimated $450-$550 billion annually in lost productivity, employee theft and absenteeism.

Add careless communications, avoidance, poor customer service, work-life imbalances, high stress, low productivity, and workplace bullying and we have a state of corporate emergency. The energy and spirit — the soul — of our employees and volunteers is grossly eroded.


A customizable training and engagement package designed to energize people working in corporations and not-for-profit organizations, Heart and Spirit features in-person training and presentations, video messages, desktop and mobile apps, monthly newspaper columns, an animated sidekick and more in fun, entertaining, interactive ways.


Heart and Spirit focuses on the real ingredients of business success. Here are some examples:

·       Honoring your word

·       Deconstructing a workplace culture of fear

·       Emphasizing EQ over IQ

·       Keeping “not my job” out of your vocabulary

·       Spiriting your people

·       Not letting “ignore” become the new “no”

·       Promoting cultural competence, not diversity dancing

·       Celebrating “human” resources

·       Being courageous

·       Developing an attitude of gratitude

·       Listening to your voice

About The Practical Prof®

Author of The Practical Prof: Simple Lessons for Anyone Who Works (2014), Dr. Santo D. Marabella has more than 25 years’ experience researching, consulting, teaching and speaking for, about and with business and not-for-profit organizations. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in management, leadership, marketing, ethics, strategy, and cultural diversity at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, and is a former department chair and director of the MBA program at Moravian.

Marabella holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Villanova University, an MBA in management from St. Joseph’s University and a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice.

He successfully founded and led more than six organizations, which flourish today, including his own consulting and production management company. He can help return your organization to a place where people are once again engaged, productive, and spirited.

Heart and Spirit helps everyone at work:

·       Be their authentic self

·       Do what they do best every day

·       Feel cared about as a person

·       Routinely experience praise or recognition for work done well

·       Find meaning in their work

·       Get how their job advances the organization’s mission

·       Connect with co-workers as part of community

Address your organization’s current needs and goals with Heart and Spirit.

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