Getting: COMPLETE!


by Santo D. Marabella

Getting:  COMPLETE! is the story of what happens when the bully grows up.


Premiere – October 2, 3, 4 & 5, 2014

Written and directed by Santo D. Marabella


(in order of appearance)

JO-JO:  Marcus Matos

CHELSEA:  Aleysha Semprit

LAUREN:  Maddie Hoffman

AHMED:  Brandon Everett

YOUNG ASHLEY:  Anna Heitmann

JONAH: Ethan McDonnell

TITA:  Diann Stewart

YOUNG DANNY: Jessie Hoffman

ANGEL: Greg Harwell

SAM:  Terrence O’Brien

MS. SNYDER:  Amy Young

JO:  Luis Michael Pagan

MELISSA:  Marisa Hoover

DANNY:  Brian Welsko

MALACHI: Chuck Gallagher

BAR PATRON #1: Ethan McDonnell

BAR PATRON #2: William Santoro

ASHLEY:  Nicole Heitmann

DOCTOR:  William Santoro

Production Staff

Scenic Design Tara Sands

Lighting Design Jeff Cusano

Costume Advisors Robert Moyer Debbi Silas

Set Construction Randy Miller Sound Albert Garcia, Jr.

Stage Manager Tara Sands

Original Music Santo D. Marabella and Marty Mellinger Sam Marabella & Santo D. Marabella

Musical Arrangements Marty Mellinger

Executive Producers Fran Miller Pepoon Santo D. Marabella

Producers Jerry Schearer Debbi Silas Brian Miller

Publicity Cheryl Crummett

Creative Consultant Javier E. Gomez

This production of Getting COMPLETE! was supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, as well as a grant from the Berks Arts Council and the Wyomissing Foundation.

2016 Production – April 21, 22, 23 & 24, 2016

Presented by MEEE, LLC in partnership with Moravian College Theatre Company


(in order of appearance)

JO-JO – Bryan Freedman
AHMED – Billy Erhlacher
ASHLEY – Hannah Stevens
TITA – Hannah Stevens
DANNY – Brian Welsko
ANGEL – Jonathan Kerbein
SAM – Ronald Kline
JO – Jason Dietrich
MELISSA – Camille Nesbeth
MALACHI – Ronald Kline
BAR PATRON #1 – Billy Erhlacher
BAR PATRON #2 – Jonathan Kerbein

Production Staff

Produced, Written & Directed by Santo D. Marabella

Producers, Julia George, ’17, Brian Welsko, ’14

Original Music, Santo D. Marabella & Marty Mellinger

Musical Arrangements, Marty Mellinger

Stage Managers, Melissa Gustafson & Kelsie Lynn

Lighting Design, Emma Chong

Sound & Light Execution, Melissa Gusafson

Scenic Design, Santo D. Marabella

Properties, Marisa Vinciguerra

Set Construction, Randy Haffling and Bob Volk

Costumes, Nouhad Salim, Robert Moyer

Logo Design, Judyth Byrd-Williams, Pier Ignozzi-Shaffer

Flyers and Program Cover Design, Katie Lynskey

Publicity, Marie Mikols, Ronald Mendizabal, Nathan Arnold

Stage Crew, Marisa Vinciguerra, Kayleigh Ficarra

Program Layout/Design, Sam Weinberg

Video Monitors, AmericaVen

This production was been funded in part by Moravian College Arts & Lectures and InFOCUS: Poverty & Inequality.