Franklin Street Station




Production Assistants (PAs) are needed for Friday, March 9, Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March 11 (7:3am to 6:30pm each day).  No experience necessary but you must be prompt, reliable, friendly and open to doing a variety of tasks.  A small stipend and meals will be provided.  If you would like to be a Production Assistant (PA) for the Reading-based TV pilot, you can sign up  here:  Production Assistant SignUp





Feb 17 – 1pm

Studio 240; GoggleWorks

No preparation required; wear your best 80’s wardrobe


Betsy, 30’s, heavy-set, brash, sarcastic, holy-roller who swears up a storm, but only when no one is around, otherwise she is very religious and very afraid that one of her sins of the past condemns her for life

Carlos, 20’s, Latino, male, handsome, friendly, feels like he let down his family because he brought shame to them, and so he is still paying his debt to society and to them

James, 20’s, Black, male, sings as much as he can (R&B), pleasant, an aspiring singer/songwriter who wants to write a top 40 hit but frustrated because he doesn’t think he’s good enough

Joe, 40’s, station agent/manager, male, sleazy, is stuck, and he doesn’t care

Kathleen, 30’s, female, dresses well, quiet, seems snobby, is afraid of people – all people, even though it only looks like she’s afraid of “colored” people

Lenny, 50’s-60’s, male, eccentric, bumbling, lovable, loves the 1960s, as evidence by the way his space is decorated and the clothes he wears is afraid of forgetting – his keys, his wallet, but mostly his wife, Mildred

Lisa, 30’s, female, filmmaker, aware, wise, nonjudgmental; narrator, audience voice; social worker; the characters are attached to her and angry with her at the same time, just like a therapist


Mistaken Visitor, 30’s, female, wears same scarf as Lenny’s wife, Mildred

Visitor #1, open age/gender

Visitor #2, 50’s, male, any ethnicity

Visitor #2 Companion, 30’s, male or female, any ethnicity

Man in Suit, 40’s-50’s, any ethnicity, community leader type

Station Visitors, various ages and ethnicities


March 5 through March 11, 2018  (NOTE:  March 5-8 rehearsals in the evening only; March 9 – all day rehearsal; March 10 & 11 – all day shoot)


Please bring a headshot and resume.  To Sign-Up for Auditions, please click here:  REGISTER

FOR ACTORS WHO ATTEND AUDITIONS ONLY:  Please complete the Talent Profile .  

Thank you!