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Santo D. Marabella on the red carpet at this year’s Tony Awards to celebrate SWEAT and a Producer of This Is Reading by Pulitzer Prize winning and Tony nominated playwright, Lynn Nottage!

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Wonderful Opening Night for Metis and the Man at Reading Theater Project's Fight or Flight production.

Big shout out to director George Hatza Jr., and actors Christopher David Roche' and Kath Godwin for bringing my play to life in such a profound way.

From the review in Saturday's Reading Eagle, Susan L. Pena wrote: "In Santo Marabella's quirky and thought-provoking 'Metis and the Man,' featuring a robotic therapist (voiced offstage by Godwin) and a patient paralyzed by fear (Roche), Hatza has focused on the underside of the story that is never completely revealed, except in Roche's emotional performance."

Still many opportunities to see this and the other 7 short plays: Two more performances this weekend, and three next weekend!

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Metis and the Man

Santo D. Marabella's latest play, Metis and the Man, a one-act, is being performed by Reading Theater Project, as part of their Fight or Flight production during the September 29 and Oct 6, at the WCR Center for the Arts, Reading, PA.

When President Roosevelt said, “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself,” in his first inaugural address in 1933, he was underscoring the paralyzing effect that being afraid had on our ability as a nation to move out of the depression towards prosperity. It’s not much different for us as individuals: our fears can immobilize our ability to lead productive and satisfying lives.

Metis and the Man acknowledges the pervasive cultural context of fear in which Americans live and the disempowering impact it has on us as individuals. More importantly, it calls attention to the power we have to manage our fear, if we are open to re-perceiving it as a force to reckon with in our present, that is relegated to our past, so it doesn’t impact our future.

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@ThisIsReadingPA has wrapped, but there's more at this year's @ReadingFilmFEST featuring the This Is Reading virtua… 
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Sexual harassment - disgusting and unacceptable in any industry. Men, we need to stand up to the harassers for some tough locker room talk! 
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Final performance of Metis and the Man @RdngThtrPrjct Fight or Flight. Big shout out to @GeorgeHatza, @CDavidRoche and Kath Godwin!